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  Yeah i know its been forever but i was without internet for like two months.Then i moved out of my moms house and in with my cousin which is pretty cool.I have still been playing SL and it gets interesting then boring lol. I generally find something to do though and i am always making new friends.I have been checking my myspace everyday and doing some stuff there.I also recently got a job at a mail place its really cool.Although standing on my feet for 8hrs a day kind of sucks but i'll get used to it.What else is there to say not much that generallly sums everything up lol.I wish i could talk to you Angie but you never go on SL anymore and i rarely check my LJ lol i get so busy maybe we can keep in touch through myspace.Anyway i got to go for now ttyl.

Writer's Block: Caring

Who do you care about most in your life?
 I care most about my family and those i consider family.I also care very much about all my friends.If i had to pick one person though it would be my best friend Mari. We have known eachother for like 11yrs now and she has always been there for me no matter what she is like my sister and she means the world to me and so do her kids.

p.s. Anya i am usually on sl in the evenings but i will be on during the day this week and I will be on during the day normally on Monday's ,Thursdays and Sundays but i am always on at night after about 7my time hope to talk to you soon :-)


   It's been about two weeks since I posted so I thought i'd do an update.I have been healing pretty well from the hand surgery still going to physical therapy for it though my hands are still kind of weak.I have another surgery coming up on July 7th it's a diagnostic laproscopy to see if i have endometreosis. Other than that things have been good. I am still playing SL and still DJ'ing. I have been going to my best friends house daily to help with the kids when i don't have doctors appointments.I am going to Georgia on the 29th of July to go get my brother and bring him home.He is at basic training for the National Guard right now. We are taking the train to Atlanta.Anyway I got to go for now bye.

Just an Update

  Just thought I would do a post now that I have a chance. I am actually getting ready to leave for yet another doctors appointment ugh. I have been sick as usual nothing new there.  The meds I am on have been making me so sleepy so I havn't been doing much. I ofcourse still log into SL but not as much as before as I said I have been sleepy lately so I have mostly been sleeping lol. I hate it it sucks to sleep all day and night.Hopefully my body gets used to the new meds soon and then maybe I won't be so sleepy.Anyway I better finish getting ready I have to leave in about 20mins to catch the train.

Just chilling

 Hey just sitting here at a friends house chilling so i thought i'd post. Things for me have been rough the last few months but day by day they are getting better. I had my carpal tunnel surgery and am healing up pretty good from that.Sl is goig extremely great for me never been happier there. Rl it has been a busy month for May so far and is only gonna get busier lol. Well anyway i got to go for now so i am outta here :-)

Update on my life lol

 Hey just thought i'd do and update lol:-) Things have been going good for me despite the fact that for the next 4weeks i have one doc appointment each week ehhh. I will be going through surgery for my carpal tunnel on April 28th. I am getting both hands done at once so i don't have to do one hand wait 6weeks then do the other and wait another 6weeks. I am so hoping this works my hands have been hurting me for 2yrs now and i have tried every other form of treatment surgery is my last option.Other than that and a few other health issues things are good and i am actually happy for once i hope it lasts :-) Anyway i won't blabber on anymore so i'll just leave now lol.

Finally a post

  Ok so its been like 5weeks what can i say i have really been buy in rl and sl. In rl my fiancee left me and to be honest i was very hurt by that and i do still miss him at times but i think i am better without him. I met a wonderful person by the name of Lyrch in sl. I met her at the end of Jan. we have been going out since before my fiancee left but i knew it was over between me and him long before he left. Me and Lyrch have since gotten married in sl and are even starting a little family lol. Things took awhile to get back on track for me in rl and still need a little adjusting but hey it works lol. Well anyway right now i am back at the hospital go figure when am i not here lol. I am waiting for the doc and chatting with Lyrch so i figured i'd do a post lol. Anyhow i am gonna get back to my chat lol goodnight :-)

Writer's Block: Chinese New Year

2008 is the Year of the Rat. Which animal year were you born in?
 Ok i didn't know what to say so i am answering this question. In the chinese calendar i am a Tiger

Voice Post: Finally a Voice Post :-)

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Its been a few days and i have got some really good news I got the house i was trying to get :-)We go sign papers tommorrow and we are gonna move in this weekend yay. I have been a lot better i am still a little sick with a cold but i am much better now. I haven't gotten dizzy in a few days so thats good. Life seems to be getting a little better right now for me. It is late though and i am going to bed finally. I'm outta here lol :-)